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Since Wowway converted to a new system, it's been nothing but trouble!!!

Have spent many times with customer service trying to get problems fixed, but things just get worse. Went from picture breaking up and freezing and no reception on certain channels to shortened pictures ( 9 in that should be 15 in).

No reception at all on channels 185, 186, 188, which is unfortunately the stations I watch every morning. 193'which I watch everyday has a picture where people are short and fat. Also has transmission station on top which never recedes so it's on the head of people on the show. Technician is coming in 5 days ( great service) to look at it.

He won't be able to do anything since problem is not in my Tv. Am switching to Comcast as as soon as I can.

My neighbor also has no reception on these channels, but she doesn't care since she doesn't watch these channels. Adios Wowway!

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I can forgive poor service when the customer service is great...........to a certain point, then I just need the service I pay $130 a month to WORK! Unfortunately my internet hasn't worked for two days and a tech can't come out for 1 week, are you kidding me?

The supervisor I spoke with credited me $9 for a week without Internet. That is unsulting and the final straw.

WOW, please go *** yourself.

- PO'd in Naperville

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