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I've had WOW for 10 years, the last year or so it seems they add or increase a fee every month. These are not taxes but "recovery fees". It is their way of claiming their prices are lower than they really are. Broadcast TV Fee 7.75, Sports Surcharge 2.00, Network Line Fee 6.50. None of these are for premium channels, so really they should add 16.25 to their base monthly rate.

Now don't forget 7.00 for modem, 13.00 for DVR, and of course there is FCC reg fee, FCC phone fee, Local 911 fee, Municipal excise tax, ITAC fee, Telecom relay service fee, Federal universal service fund, Sales tax, Franchise fee, and PEG access fee.

This country has gone insane and we being played as fools.

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Elgin, Illinois, United States #926722

I keep telling my congressman to "fix" the problem where consumers cannot get ala-cart services.

Why should I have to pay for so many sports channels that I do NOT want?

I think out govt is in the pocket of the cable companies.

EVERYONE should complain to their govt rep.

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