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Update by user Jun 13, 2013

Update and solution. Within 30 minutes of sending management emails I received a call and was totally taken care of and they even went as far as within 2 hours they were here installing the cable.

I was told this was not how the company operated. I am satisfied customer and have contacts in the company if any more problems arise.

Original review posted by user Jun 12, 2013

I am writing in regards to my account and I am very upset. First a brief history my family just moved into Lawrence Kansas May 1st. I called and wanted Internet installed which your company did. I had no issues and all was fine until I get a phone call on June 4th from what I am guessing your collections department demanding money for a past due amount on my account. I am like what, I have never received any bill paperwork anything and now your calling demanding payment? I told the lady I am not paying anything until I can see what I am being billed for because I have only had service for one month and the total due ism$144.78 for one months service I don't think so. The caller tried to explain the charges but was not understanding and wanted to see a bill. The caller then attempted to transfer me to the right department but instead I was disconnected instead so I had to call back and talked with customer service and explained the situation with them and they agreed to send a copy of the bill so I could see for myself. I also asked if there was a way to see online she explained it was not a detailed bill but advised me of my account #2172742 I set up the online account and found the problem of why I didn't receive the bill in the first place your company spelled my street name wrong even after telling them the proper spelling during the install call. So yet another call to your company to fix your mistake.i also informed your company that I was also wanting quotes as to package deal for cable and Internet since the mistake could happen and I was told once I received the bill and called in my payment I could set up cable at the same time. So I finally got the copy of the bill today and go over everything and called in to make a payment as I said I would. Made my payment and ask to have the cable installed, then the lady in customer service said I would have to call back after the system updated and showed my payment being made. I explained the whole situation to the lady because of your company mistakes I am being penalized yet again I was willing to overlook the mistake and no big deal but now another call I am busy and can't keep calling in to fix your mistakes! I then asked can't you just take down what I want and then when the system updates just set it up for me at the earliest appointment time as I could be home anytime that I could have a flexible schedule at work and could run home for the install. The agent said NO we dont do anything like that. I asked her well first of all it was your mistake and I have been rather generous with my time with your company fixing your mistakes and numerous calls being hung up on and I've made every attempt to be a loyal customer since this is a new working friendship but I believe my time is worth something if I must make yet another call to you and set this up and should be compensated for my time at this point. The agent removed the late fee from my account. I told her this is not acceptable it was your mistake I shouldn't be charged a late fee for your mistake and this is when the agent got very rude with me and offered nothing to me. I a, wandering at this point if this is how your customer service is maybe I should shop around for the services I need and give that company my hard earned dollars cause I don't need to give my business to a company that insults me and says I'm worth nothing to the companies bottom line since the billing pays all the salaries I would think that customers should be treated with respect and understanding! At the least there needs to be some series re-training I would hate to see the reviews of this newly aquired company end up as Sunflower and Knogoly...

Very upset customer

Kevin Hood

Review about: Wide Open West Phone Service.

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Collection department wouldn't set up a 42.09 arraignment.

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