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I have been trying to get to my statements, since going paperless. It's like pulling teeth and I feel like I being treated like an ***.

Been going round and round with tech service and customer service. Now some company bigwig is trying to understand my problem. ughhhhhhhhhhh. So every time I contact some one I have to go thru the whole scenario.

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. This is what I wrote to WOW Well I'll try and explain this so that you will understand. I sent an email to tech support asking for help and they told me to change my password. I did and it did not solve the problem I then called customer service some time after that and explained the situation to your person.

I was told that WOW was having a problem with your customers being able to log in to see the previous bills. Which for some reason you have to have a password for. Why you have to sign in twice I dont understand, but its you website. So I asked if WOW was going to send out something on this problem, but he said probably not.

I then asked if someone would notify me when it would be fixed and got the same answer. So at this point I am assuming its not me that has a problem, but WOW. So I wait a few weeks and call back since I do not get any response from WOW. I go through the entire process again.

At least this person tried to fix the problem, but after 1 hour of being on the phone its not resolved. We changed passwords several times, rebooted the laptop several times and for some reason I still dont understand logged into AND and also checked to make sure the extension for WOW was correct and not blocking any cookies. I also tried using my cell phone and got the same results.

I hope I explained the problem and the troubleshooting that I have gone through to end up with the same old message: Sorry, the password you provided is incorrect.

Please try again. If you feel you have received this message in error please click here for the call center in your area.

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