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Week before last after suffering internet outages for nearly 3 months straight and Spectrum sending 4 techs out here all of which DID NOTHING because it was not in their "work order..." I called WOW after seeing their flash advertising at the bottom of the game I was attempting to play. Spoke to a genuinely nice sounding guy named Eric, I was on Wow, package page and asked him about the "Large TV package" I asked him if we could have 3 boxes, the phone and the high speed internet.

He said "wow, that is large! But yes you can." So I asked him for the price of all the afore mentioned, I asked that boxes, modem and taxes be included in this price... He quoted me $198 ($2.00 more than we were giving Spectrum more channels was almost a no brainer). I told him that I was very interested but had to discuss it with the household, then he tells me that if I take it now he'd knock off another $10.

I asked him if I could call him back to get this deal providing everyone agreed; he sadly told me that he did not have a call back number and he called me back later in the day... Told me that we would only have to pay installation (which of course already having paid the Spectrum bill up we just couldn't afford another bill) I told him that I was sorry but we'd have to pass because we just didn't have the money for the installation fee. He asked me, "what if I could waive that for you?" Now more so I wanted to switch, but we kept that last Spectrum appointment to see if they would finally resolve the the ongoing internet outages. When they wouldn't we called WOW, a woman promised us an almost identical deal, hers is a bit more and doesn't include taxes and fees like like the promise of $188 a month did!

Still we took it... So today a technician comes out spends about 2 hours switching the outside lines to wow... Unhooked the modem, set up theirs, unhooked 2 DVRs and set 2 of theirs. I asked him if he could program the third in another room because we had the dog shut in the last room.Then he tells me "there is no third box, it's not on my work order" we ordered 2 HD DVRs and one HD box.

We got 2 HD DVRs that look identical to what TimeWarner stopped using a few years ago! The woman that gave us "such a great deal" told us free installation, they would completely rewire the house - but it "was not on my work order." I asked him could he at least run a new line for the internet and phone since this is the issue - he said sure. But instead he left... Now we have another one coming in the morning to bring that third box.

I ran a speed test assuming I would be getting around 62Mbs to find were were only getting 92.21 Mbps (paying for 500 Mbps and 8Mbps = 1Mbs) . The girl ran some tests sent new signals to the modem and said that we were experiencing significantly lower speeds, the best thing she could do was to set up an appointment for Friday. So WOW will be here 3 days straight for what seemed to be such an easy transaction... In order for them to replace the lines (which they promised us they would do) they want $$$ been in this house 15 years these lines were here when we moved in...

Spectrum says they need maintenance every couple of years...

Why won't they maintain them? Their lines used to deliver a product we're all paying for we have to pay for them to be replaced when and if they're deemed to be problematic?

Review about: Wide Open West Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: How a sales rep can make any claim just to get your business, Apparent forgetfulness, Agreeing to pay for something and be told not on work order, Being sold one product and given another.

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